Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight


Jim Linscheid | Residential Customer

We recently interviewed residential customer, Jim Linscheid, on his experience using his Lake Connections service.

How long have you had Lake Connections High-Speed service?
Roughly 2 months.

Which services do you subscribe to?
All three: High-Speed Internet, Digital TV and Phone service.

What is your favorite thing about using Lake Connections?
HIGH-SPEED on the Internet connection for both uploading and downloading.

Have you experienced any problems with the service?
No, I don’t think so. We’ve had a couple of blips with some programming, but it was most likely on our end, or something else, not coming with the service provider (Lake Connections).

How satisfied are you with your service from Lake Connections?
Well, with the Internet, we were previously on dial-up since August of 2000. I sorted through many possibilities and nothing wowed me. Lake Connections wows me, and we’re very, very happy with that. We used to have Direct TV. Have you ever seen the scrolls on the bottom, I believe it’s called a crawl? When we had Direct TV, I could’t read those. Lake Connections has provided us with much better picture quality. We subscribe to the standard TV service, not HD, and we still have a better picture than we did before. When making the comparison, the picture quality is far superior.

What do you see as the primary benefits of using Lake Connections?
TV picture, Internet speed and reliability. Telephone is just great too. Our other (telephone) service was good, but we didn’t like dealing with the other company because that was always a nightmare and a hassle. The service I can’t complain about. It (the phone connection) may not have been a huge step up compared to Internet and TV, but dealing with better customer service definitely is.

Would you recommend Lake Connections to others?
Absolutely. I would recommend the quality of the service. Now, this is based on just two months, but I think that’s enough to go off of.

We waited a long, long, long time and we’re still in a state of shock that we have Lake Connections service. Our patience has been rewarded in excess of our expectations.

We also have underground fiber from the street to our house which created minimal disturbance. The grey box is on the back side of my house and not a problem at all, especially with the use that we’re getting out of it!


Jamie McFarlan | Castle Danger Brewery

We have a different provider at our other business and we are anxiously waiting for Lake Connections. There is a huge difference in internet speed. Lake Connections is very fast, that’s one thing that’s fantastic. Reliability is a difference as well.

It’s very comparable in price to what we were paying, so for the added speed it’s kind of a no-brainer. Also, I can go up to the office and talk to someone, and there’s a direct and local phone number.

We know the people who work there! That’s really great, we appreciate that. They live here too so we know they’re going to take good care of us. I am very happy with Lake Connections.


Jenny Goutermont | Photographer

Before Lake Connections, I had to continually try to upgrade my internet. I have a home business. The speeds were always kind of shoddy. I would upload photo orders and I would have to set it up and let it upload overnight. I had the best service that another provider was able to offer me and it still wasn’t enough. The lack of speed was painfully noticeable.

After we got Lake Connections, the first photo order I uploaded literally happened right before my eyes. I couldn’t believe it. That pretty much sealed the deal on how awesome I thought it was. Now I’m able to get things done during normal business hours instead of having to wait until the evening to make sure it doesn’t clog up my internet.

I haven’t had any issues with my service. When I had one question, it was great to be able to call someone local. I like the fact that it’s a local company.

I’d say Lake Connections is a better service for many reasons. Not only is it local, but the risk of it going down is nonexistent with the redundancy. The quality is unmatched for this area. Yes, I’m extremely happy.