Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight


Greg Hull | Hull’s Sawmill

Before we got service from Lake Connections, I wasn’t particularly happy with my Internet service. It was slow. Watching Netflix or other streaming video was a pretty frustrating proposition because you’d start a movie, wait for it to load, watch it for a bit, then it would stop and buffer again.

Then, around November 2015, we got Lake Connections phone and Internet. The Internet speed is a lot higher – it’s almost instantaneous. You click on what you want to watch and boom, it’s up and running. You don’t have to wait forever for Netflix to buffer.

My phone and Internet expenses are lower now and the technical support is good. Having a local provider also does more to support the community. In short, I’m paying less for better service. I’m very happy with Lake Connections.


David Dietz | Wilderness Family Naturals

Before we got Internet service from Lake Connections, we were tethering off our phones. We had to worry about data overages and the connection was painfully slow. Having recently moved to northeastern Minnesota from Texas, and having such slow Internet, we were isolated and homesick. Getting Lake Connections Internet was literally life-changing.

Installation was quick and easy, the connection is reliable and the speed is great. I work from home occasionally, either working on websites or my wife’s website,, or remoting into my systems administrator job at Wilderness Family Naturals in Silver Bay. It’s been perfect. It’s made a difference in our business in that we’re able to do the work we need to in a timely manner and even relax our schedule a little bit because we’re not concerned about data overages.

On a personal note, we can now do a lot of Netflix, Hulu and other streaming. The connection really put us at ease – we were able to reconnect with friends and family and the outside world. Since then, we’ve been happy and able to really focus on making our life here. We are very happy with the service. We like that the company is staffed by people who live here in the community. I would absolutely recommend Lake Connections over any of the other options that are available.


Jeff Nielsen | Williamette Valley

Lake Connections interviewed Jeff Nielsen in Two Harbors about what having High-Speed Internet service has meant for his business, Williamette Valley.

How long have you been using Lake Connections High-Speed Internet?

We have been using Lake Connections High-Speed Internet since August 2014 and will be hooked up with phone service soon – everything is going great!

How satisfied are you with your service from Lake Connections?

We are extremely satisfied with our Lake Connections service.

What is the primary benefit of using Lake Connections?

Speed is the primary benefit for Williamette Valley.

How does High-Speed Internet benefit Williamette Valley?

We had issues with our previous provider due to speed and connectivity. One of our main issues was connecting to our server in Eugene, Oregon. Now that we are using Lake Connections, we do not have any problems connecting to the server, it’s easy.

What is your favorite part of being connected with Lake Connections’ High-Speed service?

The speed is our favorite thing about using Lake Connections.
The customer service is excellent.

How would you compare Lake Connections service to your previous provider?

Lake Connections is overall a better service provider. It is faster, more consistent, and the customer service is extremely positive and helpful.

Would you recommend Lake Connections?

Yes. I absolutely would and have been recommending Lake Connections service to others in the community. We are extremely satisfied with our service.

Jeff Nielsen:

“It is so nice to finally have great service. It was very frustrating with our previous service provider; it was almost like not having any service.

With our previous provider, we had files on our main server that we could not download due to the slow speed. Lake Connections customer service has been excellent, I’ve only had positive experience working with them.

Not only do I use Lake Connections for my business, I also use Lake Connections Internet and phone service at home. Lake Connections is overall an excellent service provider and I would recommend the service to others.”


Dave Johnson | Granite Gear

Dave Johnson, Strategic Accounts Manager for Granite Gear, an Internationally respected backpack and outdoor gear company based in Two Harbors, spoke with Lake Connections about what having High-Speed Internet service has meant for the business.

How long have you been using Lake Connections High-Speed Internet?

Granite Gear has been using Lake Connections High-Speed Internet since mid-May of 2014.

How does High-Speed Internet benefit Granite Gear?

High-Speed Internet service has benefited us in a number of ways. Files that used to take us hours to upload, now take a matter of minutes, it’s just amazing. We used to have to leave our computers on when we left for the day if something hadn’t gone through – with the High-Speed Internet we no longer have that problem.

“Having Lake Connections’ High-Speed Internet has made it easier for us to meet customer expectations in a digital age”.

Also, our art director is able to work days again. Without High-Speed Internet there was no way he could get his work done during the day. He would have to wait until late at night, when no one else was in the office, to have enough bandwidth to get his work done.

What kind of files are you transferring?

We work with a lot of large retailers across the nation, and need to be able to send high-resolution images of our products to them. We also have YouTube videos that we upload and a number of other documents we use internally.

Would you recommend Lake Connections?

Yes, since being hooked-up we have had no service interruptions or crashes (like before we had Lake Connections service).


Faron Meeks | Truevalue

Lake Connections interviewed their first friendly hookup in Silver Bay, MN, Faron Meeks, owner and operator of TrueValue. Here is a portion of that interview with Faron from March of 2014.

What Lake Connections services are you using today?

We are currently using Lake Connections’ High-Speed Internet service. We’re hooked-up as a friendly test for them, and are the only ones currently live in Silver Bay.

What devices are currently using the High-Speed Internet?

We have four computers (three point-of-sale systems, one office computer), and two iPads.

What is your favorite thing about using the Lake Connections High-Speed Internet?

It’s fun pushing the limits of it, and it’s interesting to have Lake Connections come in to test the system. They are checking for any kinks to work out before going live with all of Silver Bay.

Have you experienced any problems with the service?

No problems at all with the service. We’ve had some issues with the router in our store, and now we know what direction we need to go in terms of that.

How satisfied are you with your service from Lake Connections?

We are very satisfied. The only issue has been our router; it’s not allowing the High-Speed Internet to work at its full potential (speed).

How is TrueValue benefiting from Lake Connections, and how long have you been using it.

  • Has sped up our credit card processing, a lot.
  • We are able to show our customers online products and reviews with no delay.
  • Customers can use wireless when visiting the store.
  • Allows us to utilize the Internet more, to its fullest extent.
  • Lake Connections is bringing technology into a place that has been limited.

Would you recommend Lake Connections to others?

Our previous provider wasn’t able to offer us the speeds we needed – based on the number of devices. They weren’t able to offer us anything better. Lake Connections offers speeds higher than anything else available, and helps us show people what they can order online. We are happy and very excited to be able to give this option to our customers.