Welcome To The Future Of Broadband

Lake Connections is happy to announce Frank Bernhardt of Knife River has won the year of Free Internet Service. Congratulations, Frank!


Fiber is wire that helps transmit data over a wide area network

Did you know that in Lake County and eastern St. Louis County, Minnesota, the majority of residents have no access to broadband? That’s about 7,500 homes and businesses without any high-speed Internet – basically cut off from the worldwide web.

The reason? Our rural population is spread out over such a vast geographic area. None of the established broadband providers have found it worthwhile to extend their networks into our rural communities. They focus instead on the well-populated and more profitable towns and cities.

If your home or business already has broadband, you can imagine how your life would change without it. If you don’t yet have broadband, you’re likely frustrated that it remains out-of-reach, simply based on where you live.

To close this digital divide, Lake County is building a new fiber-optic network to bring broadband to all homes and businesses.